New Chat Channels

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by MEINCRAVTA, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. I've been thinking lately, and the Empire is in need of some new form of communication.

    Most of the chat on EMC is scrambled, so if someone is trying to talk to another, their chat usually gets lost in a stream of messages. What i propose is 2 new chat channels, and an improvement to Local Chat

    For Local chat, my proposition is simple. When people are using local chat, they hear EVERYBODY ELSE who is spamming, and i think local should mean you hear only the people around you, and can be heard by only people around you.

    Rupees Chat: This would implement a new chat for advertising shops, job hunting, and making deals with players for an item, an auction, or renting out hotel rooms. It could be accessed by saying /ch r and could be in a different font if not using the guidelines of Local Chat suggested above (only hearing that channel).

    "Help" chat: This could be accessed by saying /ch h and would have a different color or same rules as Local which i proposed. It would be for players in need of help, like asking about a crafting recipe, not knowing a command, or simply asking questions about EMC if they are new.

    In conclusion, this would help the "Town" chat be more focused on chatting rather than advertising your shop, or asking for help, to create a smoother Empire in terms of Communication.

    Any Constructive criticism or comments welcome.
  2. Rupees chat seems like a nice idea, along with the help chat. The help chat would help the players stand out more for us moderators as well.
  3. Town chat moves at an understandable pace now, and in off hours, can even be quite. I see no need to separate it further.

    Separating "rupee" chat from town chat doesn't seem like a good idea to me. It wouldn't be used unless the mods strictly enforced what chat goes in what channel, and that would just be a pain.

    Help chat is a nice idea, but most people who are looking for help aren't going to know how to use it.
  4. True, i see both sides now. Maybe introduce them in the tutorial?
  5. I'd live in the /ch help :) helpin people is my fav thing to do :p
  6. There's a lot of people that somehow get through the tutorial without picking up much info. Additionally, this doesn't cover how to introduce the current playerbase to it, or how to make them use it.

    I can understand wanting to separate these things, but I don't think the implementation would work out. Town chat would still have all of this stuff, and the other channels would see very little use.

    I'm basing this partly off of my observations of the World of Warcraft chat system. The most prevalent chat channel will end up containing everything, with other channels seeing minimal use. People won't bother to change channels when they want to ask a question, or advertise their shop.