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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by lordproRaider, Nov 20, 2013.

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  1. ATTENTION every one I know I am banned but getting new account and wanna see wat u can do so if u can build me the types of houses by Monday thtll be good
    modern houses
    Tudor houses
    family houses

    I will be doing these once every week please PM ure pics to me
  2. How do you intend to pay these people if your account is banned
  3. I go to rupees and buy 200$ worth of rupees
  4. Ok well good luck after our last encounter
  5. wait wat happened last encounter do I know u
  6. You can still get banned with your alt
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  7. You had a go at me if I called a mod if you did not pay me and you called one anyway and tries to scam me because I couldnt finish what I was building for you...
  8. ummm tht wasn't me tht was my bro I apologize im bann from him he got anger issues
  9. I think you should just log out of the site.
    Maybe then your brother won't post comments on the forums...
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  10. that was a good Idea b ut brick if u got ay houses u could show me u could win
  11. No thank you.
  12. u noe bro, he give u wrld 4 house, he make u win if u gve him house, not rigged contest, totally reel. u just jelous, he 2 leget 4 u. :p
  13. It is possible you can get an IP ban and you should not make the contest unless you HAVE the rupees. Also, i would have the competition on the new alt.
  14. Violation of the Rules again can result in a Site IP Ban from
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  15. according to edmundwayne and another staff this could result in IP ban.
  16. Do not make a contest thread from a banned account as you have no rupees and no access in game. Also please dont make a contest unless you have the means to pay out before hand to avoid any issues in the event you are unable to live up to your offer.

    As this currently could result in an ip ban

    thread closed
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.