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  1. Hi, casual player here, new to EMC. I hail from Illinois, so please don't hold that against me. I'm not sure what I want to do yet, I like digging holes and poking around, so I may be more of a frontier player, but we shall see. Feel free to say hi if you see me in game :)

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  2. Welcome to EMC
  3. Here's your first like, welcome to EMC!
  4. welcome :) hope you have a good time playing on our wonderful server.
  5. Welcome to the Empire, Gremmel!
  6. Wellllllcome!!!!!!!!
  7. Welcome to EMC!
  8. Witch smp do you live on?
  9. No idea which smp I live on :) I'll have to look. I put up a shack on my land then decided to head out to the danger zone (frontier) instead. There's no way to fast travel to and from the frontier if I build way out there is there?

    And, thanks for all the hellos!
  10. You have options for fast travel going way out, but some ways are better than others for safety of your stuff. And welcome to the Empire!
  11. Welcome to EMC
  12. No way to teleport home from frontier, no. You have to go to protected spawn and then you are allowed to do /home
  13. By FAR the easiest way to have an active res and active wild base is to have each on a different server. That way, you can transition between the two with a single command, rather than having to walk back every time.

    Sorry for being brief; I'm on my phone at the moment. If you'd like me to explain in detail I can. Just ask.

    And, of course, welcome to the Empire!
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  14. Ah ... SMP4!

    Still getting the lay of the land, only single player up until now :)
  15. Welcome! Just recently discovered multiplayer servers myself.
  16. Hi Gremmil. Welcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  17. Welcome to the Empire! :) Happy building. :cool:
  18. Hey, welcome to EMC! Apart from living in the frontier on a different server you can also use public railroads and nether travel to span long distances in the frontier.

    Make sure you check out the new player guide for EMC! There's a link in my sig.