New Casino Opening Tonight (SMP1/1970!)

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  1. HELLO!
    The New Casino Is Complete And WELL Under Estimated Time!
    The Casino Opens Tonight At 18:30 BST (1:30 EMC Time)
    The Casino Had Move Perms Off Atm, To Wait Outside Go To 2174 And Type /res unstuck
    There Are Many Games Such As...
    Wheel Of Rupees
    Automatic Slot Machines
    Wheel Of Colour
    Guess And Press
    Higher Or Lower
    The Donor/VIP Part Of The Casino Is Not Open Until 20/09/14!
    We Hope To See You Tonight At 18:30 BST (1:30 EMC Time)
    After Tonight Normal Opening Times Are As Followed: (Times In BST)
    Mon - 18:00-20:00 & 20:30-Late
    Tue - 18:00-Late
    Wed - 18:00-Late
    Thurs - 18:00-Late
    Fri - 17:30-18:45 & 22:00-Late
    Sat - 12:00-14:00 & 15:30-Late
    Sun - 12:00-14:00 & 15:30-Late
    Helpful Link =
    Good Luck
    -MW Inc. Casino-
  2. I'll be there with 10k to blow :D
  3. Good Luck!
  4. Don't count on it but I'll try to be there, 20k maybe!
  5. Good Luck!
  6. Sounds cool man, haven't seen a lot of casinos but I'll come check it out soon!
  7. Good Luck