new casino game invented

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  1. i recently created a new casino game (dont worry mods it has odds and everything) check it out if you want on 7075 smp3 but its basically 3 dispencers and eggs fire if 1 chicken comes out you win 5r 2 chickens 15r all 3 chickens 50r its 10r to play plz put invented by:chrisisaboss91 if you use this game ty and remember follow the rules
  2. holy cow!


    Imagine... you made a dispenser game! thats just... amazing..
  3. Loving the sarcasm- lol

    But seriously, sounds like something you might actually get people to do- good luck and play it safe ;)
  4. Although this is just simply a dispenser game like all others I will give you credit for thinking of such combinations... Good Job!
  5. thats actually pretty cool for being simple.
    maybe to add excitement get a zombie spawner in the wild and put bets on how many spawn and if you get it wrong you get fed to the jackpot bin of all the zombies that spawned.
    life or death.
    do you want to play a game?
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  6. that sounds good.. a life or death game i would have to check with the moderators first... see what they think.
  7. moderators plz post ur opinion
  8. Hey have you been spying on my single player game? :) I just invented a game that works almost exactly like that. Only mine has extra dispensers that dispense item prizes depending on if and how many chickens hatch.
  9. ok.... well too late i made this first :p jk
  10. By just, I mean about two weeks ago. And mine may be completely different. The only similarity being the dependency on a chicken to hatch to win a prize. :)
  11. please tell me that you arent serious....
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