New casino at smp9 being built

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  1. i am building a new casino with a very special drop machine that will drop about 24 random items i hope to be done this weekend but it requires money please visit my res to see my creations and nehter castle themed store visit at night to see a better effect witht he design
  2. Nice, i am making a Casino on smp6, it is closed and no one has move due to i am doing the redstone programming. feel free to check the building out, fo to /spawn and u should see 2 huge white wool builds those are it or u can go to 12005 thats one tower (the hotel). the other is a Casino with rooms on the top of it res 12004.
  3. How a casino in minecraft work?
  4. u can make many different types. atm i am at school but when i am at home i keep working on a match game, where there are 3 items and u choose one, then there are the same 3 on the other side. and u hit play and the redstone had a secret wireing way to make it so it will alwasy choose a random item on the other side, if it gets the same item u win that item. if it does not then u done. u know what i mean. i make then on signle player then i put then on the server in my casino. the only thing is i have less room so it takes longer to make it all fit. you can also wait till i am done that becuase i will open the res and u can have a look at it.
  5. Great! I will try
  6. hey finch can you help me make a redstone randomizer