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  1. Hey everyone!
    I have been on the Empire for a while. I started my own shop not a long time ago. I'll be really happy if you guys could give me some tips about the prices for most of the basic items.
  2. Your best bet is to hop around to different shops and get ideas on prices. They change often. A good place to get average prices is at /v +fs on smp8.
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  3. Just like georgeashington says jumping around from shop to shop is a good way and I fully agree with that :). You can jump to a random shop by typing "/v +shop". I wouldn't look in server wide shop (/shop) because they are way overpriced. I think the reason why they are overpriced is because they charge a server spawn fee along with it.

    People with larger malls such as residence #'s 2000, 9000, and 11372 (these are the ones that I can think of right off the top of my head) usually are experts at average prices.

    Prices most of the time vary on factors such as:

    Labor involved to obtain (including crafting)
    How much you can produce in a certain amount of time

    Examples we can compare to is the natural item wheat to the mined item diamond.
    Wheat you can natually grow and if you grow it in large quanitites it can drive the price down.
    Diamonds you have to go through hard labor, including digging all the way down to bedrock, avoiding lava pools, and finding them alone is a challenge, and that drives the price up.

    To sum it all up, prices vary depending on what you have to go through (including spending money) to obtain the item you wish to sell.
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