new business on smp 3 cheap prices too

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  1. Greetings emc I am Dutchuss2016 I am opening a butchery / restaraunt with delivery or carry out options available.. (carry out has a 500 r fee added to the cost of any orders)
    orders must be payed for prior to reciept of food if i am not on the game to fufill your order please do not pay for it untill you are pmed that your order is ready for delivery or pickup. nwo that all the essentials are out of the way and mentioned lets get down to the good part the menu
    we have currently 4 menu items
    1 pound of pork( 32 cooked pieces) for 250r
    1 pound of ground beef (beef cooked 32 pieces) 300r
    1 pound of mutton (32 cooked pieces) for 150r
    2 pounds of chicken (64 cooked pieces) for 300r
    add a cake for 40r to any order
    order just a cake for 25r (please give up to 24 hours for cake supply )
    other foods to come soon
    Donations are accepted you can mail in raw food or cake ingredients or stop by 7392 (hopper system will be set up soon)
    To Place an order please contact me in game or pm me on the forum all orders please give up to 48 hours for processing and DO NOT PAY TILL YOUR ORDER IS READY I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR EARLY UNTRACKED PAYMENTS I WILL REQUEST YOUR PAYMENT UPON DELIVERY AND YOU WILL RECIEVE A RECIEPT IN THE MAIL ( book and quill signed with your order info and number)

    Edit i have mooshrooms so every order comes with a free mushroom stew

    Thanks In Advance For Your Business
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