New Business Idea Survey — Earn a quick 50r!

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by Trapper777, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. Survey Closed. Will pass out rewards today or the 18th.

    Just seeing if a new business idea is at all feasible. 50r reward for completion. Will pay out and close survey probably in a few weeks, it depends on how many responses I get etc.

    As usual, bumps will be in the form of cute animal photos, videos, and gifs. SURVEY DON
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  2. I love it! Take the survey people! ^_^
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  3. Filled it out :)
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  4. Sorry forgot to put a GIF in my last bump. Two today.

  5. Just a pic.
  6. Take the survey

  7. Take the survey y'all!

  8. BUMP! I'll be closing this once I get 30 responses, and I have 27 right now. Better take it soon!
  9. 28 Responses. Better take the survey!

    & Then we're done.
  11. Survey over! Thanks everyone, rewards will be passed out today or tomorrow.