New Borderlands 2 Patch Only Costs...

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  1. Wow! That's ridiculous! Must be an error lol...
  2. You know they sell that much Microsoft points for $100000000 you should go buy it :)
  3. By chance I have 4294967295 Microsoft point just waiting for this ;)
  4. Wow, 2K Games have become serious money whores.
  5. yer I guess lol :p
  6. Hey Jeremy can you give me your gt so I could play borderlands with you
  7. If only I had my gaming computer so I could play Borderlands 2 :p I played a few levels of the first one, it was good. 2 just looks absolutely amazing.

    Also, 2K have become serious money hoggers! :O They even took down Activision with their prices!
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  8. This amount of Microsoft points would cost 536,000,000 us dollars
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  9. The same thing happened to me when I tried to download an old Arcade game, it said it cost -1 MP, but clicking it came up with that.
  10. That happened to me as well when I tried to download the Battlefield 3 Beta when it was released. The Mechromancer class is pretty fun btw :)
  11. Well, back to Minecraft!
  12. Okay Listen New comers.
    Back when ICC was reported to be a "diamond hacker" by jeremy (Please send me a link to that thread plz)
    Jeremy said that everyone kept friend requesting him on his xbox account because when Jeremy originaly made an xbox account it suggested the name:
    And he stuck with it!
  13. That's a Good Deal
  14. Its cheaper on ps3;)
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  15. Yeah, that makes sense. This happens to due the way computers stored values in memory. On a computer, you can store values as signed (meaning they can be positive and negative) and unsigned (meaning they can only be positive). The way you store the number -1 as a signed integer is 0xFFFFFFFF. 0xFFFFFFFF also happens to be the way you store the unsigned integer value 4,294,967,295. So if you try to convert between the two without taking proper care, you can go from -1 to 4,294,967,295 quite easily.

    My guess, being a programmer by profession, is that the 0xFFFFFFFF value is meant to be some kind of indicator that no price has been set yet, or at the very least be some other kind of marker, (seriously, what sense does a price of -1 or 4,294,967,295 make?) and that the software has a bug in it that lets it slide through and show up as that crazy price instead.
  16. I'm not 100% sure that any of this actually happened, lol.
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  17. Lol my Xbox live ran out :(