New big mall (of melle100)

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  1. Hello guys in EMC I wanted to tell all the players about melle100 new big mall. I wanted to write about this because I help him very much and he helps me. opend date 2012-10-03 on he's 300 day
    on EMC and that's a bit cool because he didn't know about it was he's 300 day on EMC :)

    Thank you from padde73
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    He joined before you had to make an account on the website didn't he? Because on the forums it says he joined in August, but in-game it's his 301st day. Anyways, it's a nice res, might visit it again sometime. :)
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  3. Thank you Iamsaj and i looked like for a minute ago and it said 300days but you have maybe right:p
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  4. Oh and the res number is 801 on smp1
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  5. I want to bump so yeah bump
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  6. Please give me some comments when you have seen it
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  7. Maybe if it was more detailed and stuff.. and not bumping each 30 minutes.. :p

    I'll go check once its' finished.
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  8. I checked it, and he did a well job! :D
  9. Oh thank you marknaaijer i will tell him.
    What do you want to know gap?
  10. If you want to know something i mean
  11. The edit button is very sad....
  12. Soory matthew