New Banner Shop on SMP3

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  1. New Banner Shop on SMP3
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    Hello everyone! I want to officially announce the opening of my new banner shop that I have worked very hard on. As of now, there are over 50 colorful and interesting banners available for sale! Very soon there will also be every letter of the alphabet, and number available for sale. The shop will continue to grow as more and more banners will be added to the collection!
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    Furthermore, I will also offer to make custom designs as well as different color variations of the available banners in my shop upon request. Message me in game or send me a message on the EMC website for more details.

    Thank you all, have fun and place nicely. :p
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  2. It sounds great. I have been to several banner shops but none that I have been impressed with so far. They tend to have small selections and no stock.
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