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  1. I think this qualifies as a suggestion- has a pretty broad spectrum

    What is the restrictions on thread posting for Guests (People who have registered but not completed the tutorial) and for banned members (in game)...

    Guest Members: in my opinion should be limited to Post or create a thread in only the Empire Help and Support and the General Minecraft Support Categories. Not necessarily limiting access to view other threads; but not post in them. I don't remember what messages new players get when they confirm their registration on the site... but it should be sure to include all of the questions new members ask like. How do I connect to a server? I haven't necessarily seen this problem recently, but I know it has happened in the past.

    Banned Members: usually after they are banned, they can still post in any forum or thread. They still need access to the site to appeal their ban; but I don't think they should have access to post wherever they please. I don't know if this would be to difficult; but maybe Have a giant link to a thread explaining how to appeal a ban on the homepage; so they don't have to post a new thread... And start up a big mess of replies saying "this is not the proper way to appeal a ban". I am tired of getting to see these threads. Yet again, there shouldn't necessarily be a restraint on viewing (except Supporter forum) because you don't even have to be logged in to view the rest of the forums.

    Somewhat simple concept with no easy way of explaining it. Main purpose is to thin out the Spam Threads.
  2. I was going to suggest adding a feature that fades the posts of a member who has been banned; but I saw this as unnecessary and potentially overkill in most situations. The staff usually doesn't want to rub a ban all over someone's face because they don't want it to bite them in the behind. I have seen them do it before... But if someone deserves something of this nature- they can change the signature to something like... Achievement Get- Banned from EMC. I don't remember who I saw this happen to; but I thought it was funny.
  3. I agree with the ban thing, because they could go around and troll/insult on the forums :/
  4. It can be removed by Admins/ Senior Staff; but not before it does its damage. I hate to restrict new members, but it takes very little time to do the tutorial
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  5. am I trolling the forums oO
  6. no.
  7. No you are not... I think it is ok for people to say a final farewell, but more often than not. There are threads that should have never been posted after someone is banned. But they need to be monitored at least... Because it can spiral out of control very quickly. 9 times out of 10 the threads posted by a banned member gets locked soon after as a result of "this is not the proper way to appeal a ban" or something to that effect.