new attraction?!?

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is it a good idea?

yes 12 vote(s) 100.0%
no 0 vote(s) 0.0%
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  1. im not going be able to come on this server for very much longer, so i wanted to turn my resedence into an empire attraction like /park, or /pool and the /graveyard. If justin could be kind enouth to put a / link on it and make it a permenant plot. Does anybody have any ideas of what i should do? or sombody who could help construct it?
  2. I really need se ideas I can only think of a campsite and a roller coster
  3. I know a lake with an island /lake I can imagine it now
  4. Maybe a prison?
  5. Or an ARENA!
  6. An arena would be a good idea but you can't take damage in town though the prison is an ok idea
  7. But Justin could allow Pvp in there
  8. Why don't you guys actually ask Justin first before you make all these plans...
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  9. That would make sense.Which is why it can't be done.
  10. I just private messaged Justin asking of his opinion, but I had a new idea a maze I could imagine that working really well!
  11. Ooo. That's a very good idea! Also, to keep the maze interesting and fresh, you could add sticky pistons so that you could change the maze periodically (maybe?)
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  12. If Justin will agree I'm doing a maze I'll start it now wether there is a warp to it or not! Does anybody have somespace I can store my stuff, so I can reset my res??
  13. Can I help u newo build this Wonder Land what server do u goto?
  14. I'm on smp1 I could do with some help taking down the stuff and building the maze if Justin approves it, what time zone are you in so we can plan to meet up at my res? (I'm in the uk )
  15. Ok dude im at australia victoria time zone
  16. I'm ok now mantle I don't think I need help the building is going very fast, it is now a maze out of leaves ( it's cost me all of my 2,000 rupees so far so now I'm broke any donations would be the best ever) if you want I'm at 2201 on smp1 if you want to see and I'm about a quarter of the way done. Justin likes the idea of it but hasn't said yes or no yet
  17. Prison was my idea, I said it first on another thread :p
  18. This probably would work, but to make it official like EMC netherspleef, you may have to unclaim, and keepit there, it also must be very Popular, and has folios nice as well.I like the idea, I have some spare pistons lying around maybe that would help, oh and get iamfuturetrunks to help, with the moving of walls and such I know he has a good maze.
  19. Mrsmily- I have built some of it already so how would I unclaim it without losing the maze?
  20. You'll have to ask justin for some kind of backup