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  1. Hey guys and girls, Ryukk here again with another post, but this time it's something special ( to me anyway. ) I have found an island which has been untouched...... Until now, The reason I'm posting is because i think this little island has ALOT of opportunity and I thought why not create some sort of community and share. I'd love some people who can help out, give feedback. I'm not sure on who can go as I don't want it trampled with griefers and thief's which destroys the whole idea so being able to hide off the map is a +1, But I also don't want to limit who can only go.

    The Island is named "Aurora". Im currently alone on this island planning out what's next
    This is on SMP-2 but server has nothing to do with it.

    The island has a swamp, snow, forest and desert bio-dome with a lot of animals which make it a great place and easy to survive, and with some magnificent mountain ranges <3

    So if your interested in starting small and hopefully something amazing just send us a PM or post below

    P.S If your posting be sure to be somewhat known as i do not wan't randoms that no one knows and destroying what ever work that is getting done. Also the island is FAR FAAR away from town so expect to be cut off from the world.

    Thank you!

    Just 3 Pictures :)
  2. Aurora is a pretty name. I will have to visit and steal your cows. I need milk for cake! >:3
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  3. I'd actually LOVE to be a part of this island, but there's a few problems:
    1. Even after discovering over 40 other islands, I don't know the direction of where this one is.
    2. I'll have to say a long goodbye to my iron tools for weeks.
    3. Err...actually, I might run out of food, and that's my number 1 fear.
    4. Updated skeleton archers in 1.2 = I'm doomed.
    Still, the advantages > disadvantages. I wonder if I'll find some redstone there.
  4. This Island is Massive it's no small one, it'll have the ores you need. Food Farm is being planted as we speak. Also Housing will be a must but docks will be needed. Once i've gotten a few things running the coords to the island will be handed out :)
  5. Even though I'm on smp3 now, I will have to visit. Cows for cake and such. I will have nothing to lose, in more ways than one!
  6. Update: Okay, I've recently started a little farm on the island which will supply much needed food, and now preparing to get people across. This is a long treck and could be dangerous, but exciting :p

    If you want to be part of this amazing project just Send me a PM and i'll look over it :) Cheers guys!