New Admin Spawn Command - Idea

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by skillzofapro, Mar 20, 2012.


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  1. Hi Here and we thought it would be great to add some new commands.

    When We Go to our residences, Suppose we have storage rooms, it can get annoying having to spawn where everybody else spawns in your res and having to walk to a door up some stairs ect.
    So we though if you added some new commands we can have adming spawns.
    /res pset [ PLAYER NAME ] admin True/False
    /res tpset admin
    /v [ RESIDENCE NUMBER ] admin

    Please concider this though.
    Thank you,
  2. By admin spawn, do you mean a separate spawn specifically for the owner of the res?
    If you did, I think Justin is considering (and maybe even working?) on this. It has been suggested a lot, and personally I think having a separate tp would be very convenient and useful.
  3. A seperate tp would be very useful...
    I hope JustinGuy puts this into the game
  4. Thanks for the back-up guys tell your friends to vote and we might be successful :D
  5. Thanks Again Guys
  6. I think the idea of admin spawn and visitor spawn is certainly worth considering, although I would make the admin spawn command:

    /home admin

    rather than part of the /v command, as you won't want visitors spawning at your admin point, and I always use home to get home.

    The only downside I see is that it could allow players to make an annoying spawn point for visitors, which is far less likely when the plot owner has to spawn at the same point....
  7. i believe you can do /res tpset (username) but i dont have another person to test this :)
  8. Well for a start it wouldn't be an 'Admin' command.

    So you mean separate spawn points on your res? If so, this has just been discussed too many times..