New account :)

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  1. Hi guys this is Brennian with a new account
    so i'm not new :)
    maybe later i'm going to support with that one to =D
  2. How come you got a new account?
  3. for even more rupees :) and ofcourse 1 more residence ;)

    EDIT: and ill use it for my friends for school so they can see how minecraft is :)
  4. Lol, look how Brennian, your real account, liked both of your posts <.<
  5. That is actually against the rules.
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  6. ok i wont do it again :)
  7. So should your signature be!

    Its clearly a sexual scene taking place!
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  8. Clearly. There was going to be more to this reply, but then I figured it would just get deleted anyway.
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