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  1. Hey all, new guy here, been lurking in the forums for a week or two but never introduced micelf.

    I am new to MC overall, started playing over Christmas break b/c my two sons wanted to play. They got bored of playing pocket edition, and moved up to the computers, then they got bored of playing alone, and wanted to play online, so I set out to find a good spot for them. After a little research, I ended up here. They are both very young, the oldest is 7, the youngest is 4, so now you see why I am playing also :). Their usernames are BILPop (left in the picture) and JBlop(right in the pic). They are on mumble, in a community chat when they are online (mostly weekends).

    I am a Manager of IT for a small company, and do lots of development as well. Mostly web based internal things, but always dream of doing games(every dev's dream i think). On the side I coach 2 soccer squads, 2 baseball squads, 1 basketball squad. The boys also start taking martial arts this month, so that adds another night.
    I like a little bit of everything, my biggest hobby is photography. I love wildlife (esp birds) and scenery. I am a musician, was once in a rock band(long time ago :confused: ) but still play often. I play guitar mostly, some trumpet, sax, and mandolin. I brew my own beer, all styles, but the dark beers are usually my favs, especially during the cold months. I try to work on game development when i have time(which seems like never). We go hiking/camping about every weekend we can between mid september and mid november. The boys love it, and especially fishing in the small rivers/creeks.

    My wife and I also have a 1 acre yard, that we do a huge garden in every summer (about 60ft x 60ft). we are trying to expand that now, and do a little over 1/2 acre of permaculture with all kinds of fruit/nuts, etc. + the summer garden We are also in the initial stages of implementing a full aquaponics farm back there also.

    As you can see, I have tons of time to play MC, yet I'm on quite a bit :D

    I am uploading an older pic of me(about 5 yrs old, b/c i can't find anything more recent right now) and a recent pic of the boys.

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  2. Welcome to the Empire good sir, you and your boys will definitely love it here! :) If you need any help, there are many staff and other players to ask, and you can always consult the Wiki on site or PM me any questions too! Happy hunting!
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  3. Welcome to emc! Hope you and your family enjoy your time here :)
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  4. Welcome! You sound like an awesome Dad :) I like the sound of the I.T stuff that I do. If you ever need anything feel free to contact me!
  5. Welcome to the empire! Hope you and your familyenjoys being here. Im sure you and your kids will make a lot of friends! Im on smp8, on which server are you on?
  6. Welcome to EMC! It's amazing how quick kids are catching on to the technology of today. That's awesome that you are so involved with them playing also. I think you'll have a lot of fun with Minecraft it's pretty entertaining. I actually have a baby on the way myself, due in July! I'm looking forward to being a first time dad. It's fun to think that someday I'll be able to share a video game experience the way you do with your kids. You sound like a great pops. I'm on Server 2 if you guys ever need anything!
  7. sorry, should have posted that too, we are on smp4 i believe. Chickaneer was nice enough to put the boys in res spots right next to me, which makes things MUCH easier.

    thnx for all the welcomes.
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  8. Welcome to the Empire, and I'm sure you and the boys will have fun here. :)
  9. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  10. I play with my kids as well. My son is 12 and my daughter is not quite 4. She loves to run around in town and look at animals (with my help of course). Sometimes we find a zombie to fight and you would think it was a horror movie the way she screams!:D My son only plays once in a while, but I started playing with him.

    All the moderators and Sr Staff are super helpful to keep things family friendly. (It already sounds like you plan on keeping an eye on your kid, which I'm happy to see.)

    I am not an owner or Sr Staff, I just enjoy playing here and have been trying to help keep things working and learn a little more about java programming.