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  1. Hey there EMC! I believe I have never been officially introduced :) I figured that now would be a good time to say hello to y'all before my years event (Thread to come for that one) but I did do something a little different today that I would like to just tell you about...

    So many of you may remember my old forum picture? It was a picture of me wearing my IcecreamCow Head and enhanted diamond armour in my museum, in the form of this:

    For my latest profile picture I decided to do something new. It is my current one which I just made today, in the form of this:

    As you may notice, the latest picture has no items in the frame, some broken lights and cobwebs. My old museum is not accessible by anyone other than myself now, as you can see it has changed quite a bit from the first picture, and it has been blocked up from the surface for quite a while now. I hope this unveiling of something I have kept under dirt and grass is of at least little interest to you :p

    Anyways thanks, and see y'all around!

    PS: If you ask me nicely and pay me one million rupees I may let you into the old museum ;) Laters!
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  3. Hello! Now all you need is a pet spider in the museum to complete the decaying look.
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  4. Or perhaps a NetherHound...hmmm :p
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  6. ohhey there person, :)
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  7. ohhey there otherperson :)