Nether's Market Stall 3/28/2014

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    !!!NEW TRADES!!!

    Green is what I'm trading.
    Purple is what I'm trading for.

    Diamonds are priced at 50r please note when I'm trading things at value.

    9 Saddles = 100r each or 2 Diamonds each

    Ench. Diamond Pickaxe Unbreaking III, Efficiency III, Silk Touch I = 1400r or 28 Diamonds
    Ench. Diamond Pickaxe Fortune II = 400r or 8 Diamonds
    Ench. Diamond Pickaxe Unbreaking III, Fortune II, Efficiency III = 1000r or 20 Diamonds

    9 Ench. Bows Unbreaking III, Power III = 50r each or 1 Diamond each
    Ench. Diamond Sword Knockback II, Smite IV = 400r or 8 Diamonds
    Ench. Diamond Sword Sharpness = 150r or 3 Diamonds

    9 Zombie Viruses = 25r each or 1 Diamond for 2
    9 Stacks of Gunpowder = 194r per stack or 4 Diamonds per stack

    Will add more when I got time.
  2. Update went ahead and purttied it up :D
  3. Ooooo cheap name tags!
  4. Bump! Gonna start adding trades soon.
  5. Added buying sections and trades.
  6. Bump! Current Sale: Supporter's Get 5% off any item or stack.
  7. You do know the unbraking III and power III bows are a slightly common drop from skeletons.... Right?
  8. They are 100 each, and with the current sale it's at 80r each...
  9. Would you buy enchanted armor pieces?
  10. Currently just tools
  11. i will take 3 beacons and diamonds
  12. Please read section's titles before posting, it says 'Trades I want' meaning Im willing to trade for them.
  13. Completely edited and changed prices and now am trading for diamonds.
  14. I'll be able to trade you the zombie viruses if need be, just toss 4 diamonds my way and ill be happy. Shoot me a private conversation and i'll set a chest up shortly