Nether's Horse Breeding Business

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  1. Nether's Horse Shop!

    Welcome to Nether's Horse Shop below you will find every breed we own with it's stats, price, and trading capabilities.

    1. Stats
    • Speed
    • Jump
    • Health
    2. Price
    • Depending on their Speed, Breed, Jump, and Health stats the price differentiate
    3. Trading Capabilities, we will sometimes take items for some horses
    • Diamonds
    • Emeralds
    • Golden Apples
    • Golden Carrots
    • or Enchanted Gear
    • again dependent on their stats.

    Ok, so now that you know how to purchase a horse, lets move on to our horses.

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  2. can you put what color/special details they have
  3. That is posted due to spoilers messing up I just posted a list
  4. Bump! Remember either post on this thread or send me a PM to buy one!
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  9. I would buy Gray Whitefield horse 1 (the best one) for 450r.
  10. Alrighty :)
  11. We also have A LOT of 110+ Speed Horses for sale.