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  1. Hi.

    Does anyone know if someone is selling any NetherHounds? If so please do let me know!:)
  2. Been looking for 1 myself. I asked around but still no reply from those who say they have one. Been a week already.
  3. I thought iamkhatru was selling them a week or two ago. Maybe ask her?
  4. is it not possible to eggify them? Sorry if thats a dumb question XD
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  5. They were eggable for a short time after they were introduced. But staff saw the error and disabled the ability so you have to fight them, which was the original purpose. Staff was kind enough to let any egged netherhound stay in existence which turned them into the collectible we see today.
  6. Ah thanks for clearing that up!
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  7. No problem :) Good luck on your search!
  8. same to you!
  9. I have been sitting on a few. What were you wanting to pay and for how many?
  10. 1x, 90k and if not please give me a fair price.
  11. How Much would it cost to buy 2 NetherHounds? :)
  12. I have one that sits for sale on my res at 150k. I have seen a few go for 90k recently but the auctions have been up to 176k. SOLD
  13. man I just fought 3 today at my op I hate them It would b cool to own the and walk by gloating at them!
  14. 110k?