nether wart

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by emtec121, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. is there sumin weird about that on hear i planted 8 about hour half ago and only 2 has grown to full wiki siad only takes about 10 mins to grow to full 1 of them hasnt even grown to 2nd stage
  2. Were you around waiting, or did you go off elsewhere? If nobody is in the particular chunk for a while, it unloads and no events take place in it anymore.
  3. ^^^ What he said. I suggest just hanging out in the general area of the plants.
  4. When I am growing netherwart I make a long room 2 wide and 4 tall and fill the bottom layer with soul sand, then I seal off the ends to avoid passerbys and pick out the bottom layer next to the soul sand 1 layer and lite that square ring around the room on fire leaving a lip to help avoid walking into the fire, then plant the wart and wait. It takes a while and could take as little as 8 mins to longer than 2 hours for them to fully grow... Nether wart takes patience to grow.