Nether VS overworld gold farm

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  1. What's the best? What has the most efficient design?
  2. It depends. If it is on the top of the nether then it is better. If it is below the nether then it is not better unless you half slab everything in a specific radius.
  3. Overworld farms > Farms under nether. Not sure if they're good above nether as I haven't seen/used one above it.
  4. Let's get a few things out here because at the moment no one has really brought up an argument for either.

    Overworld farm - Pros / Cons
    No slabbing
    Easy to build, cheap materials
    No redstone

    If you don't have a good computer a lot of portals/particles make lag.
    With EMC spawning limitations can't be built as big but still can be built large enough to be efficient.

    Nether Farm - Pros / Cons
    High efficiency if you put work into it.
    You can make designs that also farm the other nether mobs. (magma cubes and ghasts)

    It's the nether, I mean the place with all the fire and lava and annoying ghasts?
    You have to make sure no other mobs can take up mobcap in a perimeter this means slabbing/spawn proofing a large area.
    Resource heavy, pistons, redstone, lots of stone or other explosive proof block.

    Feel free to add to this list as it was typed up fairly quickly. I recently built a pretty efficient overworld gold farm and I love it.
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  5. Well, my answer was based on amount of gold produced per hour.

    Though, I wouldn't consider a few double chests of obsidian and lots of build material cheap, though compared to the nether they might be. I'm unsure on how much a nether farm cost.
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  6. Bump. Good point guys. Let's hear more! If you have a sweet gold farm post pics or a vid!
  7. I have a pretty inefficient gold farm, it's in the nether and I spent lots of time slabbing and building an in the end it wasn't as efficient as I thought it would be. Just save yourself time and make an overworked farm
  8. I personally like the nether ones better, but the overworld ones are more efficient with supplies and gold production. This may be because mine is really slow, but if you make a farm like qwerty189 with 360 portals, you will get a ton of gold :p