nether tunnel take down

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  1. I have a nether tunnel on SMP4 that I am wanting someone to take down. It is mostly made out of quartz slabs and prism. It is about 1000 blocks long, 8 blocks wide and 6 blocks high. look here for pictures of it:

    I am willing to give a diamond supporter voucher and 25000r for this job. I can provide shulkers to put all the blocks in and I can also provide pickaxes.

    I need this done ASAP. If you have any question let me know.
  2. Why do you want to take it down?
  3. Oh and BTW I have a bunch of it tore out already

  4. I want to do something else
  5. How much of the tunnel is left?

  6. the ceiling of the longest part and the whole tunnel of the smaller bit. the longer part is about 800 blocks and the short is 200
  7. there is also some glass on the long bit
  8. UPDATE: been working on it a bit. less to do now
  9. Sorry man, I would help, but I have a lot to do in my outpost.
  10. I can finish it for you. send me a pm
  11. job finished, delayed because of christmas, sorry about that. I put all your shulker boxes and materials back in the chests. Only used 2 of your picks, they are in the chest as well. Time to go repair my own picks.
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  12. thanks
  13. payment sent
  14. how much did he get paid? dont' have to answer just wondering is all