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  1. Looking for people to do 3 jobs for me, They are all the same job very "quick" and easy, IMO. Jobs are first come first server. Each job pays 15,000 rupee's (unless otherwise stated.)

    Terms: I will supply at the start of the job.
    5 x Diamond pickaxe's (Eff 3 Unbreaking 3) ,
    9 x swiftness potions,
    9 x Fire protecting potions
    1 x Stack Cooked Beef
    I will give you more as needed. If you'd like armor please bring your own. These jobs are to dig a 4 high 1 wide tunnel for 30,000 blocks through the nether (that's 120,000 total blocks broke) in a straight line. It is instant block break job!

    Job 1
    Job 2 ( Taken on, partially done to 10k blocks roughly and abandoned ) 11,000 for this job
    Job 3

    *** REMEMBER ***
    Keep the pots active on your self they are 8 min long and will save your life, and make the job faster. If you run out of pots Stop and I will bring you more. If you die due to lava and not keeping pots active. cost of supplies will come out of the payment.

    If your interest please respond with ( Job # : Agreed ) then contact me in-game, @ one of my three names. ( Oasis_Co, Nooblet315, Luigi_Guy) and I will update the post as soon as possible. First come first serve.
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  2. does it have to only be 4 high? I only ask because it is easy to look up and mine and get more then 4 high