Nether Rail Systems Question

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  1. Is better to build low or high? and why?
  2. High, at y = 115~125, as cave systems in the nether have a ceiling of y = 109. This would prevent ghasts from spawning in the rail system, minimising damage done by ghast explosions. (provided there's insufficient space for them to spawn)

    At this height, all that's needed to be done is digging a tunnel for the rails, but could sometimes cause issues of spawning on top of the bedrock layer when relogging, which could be avoided by making the ceiling of the tunnel higher.
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  3. Couldn't you also build the rail system at the bottom bedrock? This would mean that ghasts can't get you...
  4. Firstly- ZABBY! :D

    Secondly- yea I plan on making a proper half-slab ridden rail system to and from my desert paradise ville town and I'm trying to make it right :p
  5. Lava is hot.
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  6. This would work too, but the occasional caves being generated have to be sealed up, if not, ghasts will be able to spawn and wrack havoc upon the system.
  7. I figure have to block up 50 meters of lava would get annoying. I like mindlessy mining in linear directions. :p
  8. once your initial tunnel is built, its not that hard. You just need to be hidden from ghasts. You obviously know the half slab trick for nether tunnels, so you can really build wherever. Higher being more favorable though, if you are high enough, very little building needs to be done because you are high enough to just stay in the ceiling of the nether without having to build over lava seas and such. Which can be stressful enough with Ghasts blowing you up every couple of feet. After building a 4k long nether tunnel, I could go without doing it again for awhile xD.
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  9. >_0 *twitch* I'm dreading my paltry 2.6k (more if I don't go diagonal in places)

    My strategy is to hold up and click and mine while watching youtube.

    I heard ghasts need a 5x5 cube to spawn so i'll be safe with some 3x3 rail system. (stairs on both sides, half slabs floating in the center) With detection rails surrounding a powered rail.
  10. I built a rail system to my nether base. 5500 or so blocks long in the max height. One thing I learned is don't be stingy with the powered rail, especially if your transporting items via storage carts. But it was well worth it only takes about an 8 minute ride vs an hour long walk through the nether.
  11. 8 minutes?? o.o I wonder how many rails that is... let alone powered rails. I was thinking about placing a set of two DR and a PR every 35-40 blocks (not 100% yet)

    Also- is setting up that kind of storage rail system worth it?
  12. Slabs in the middle? You do know that you need a half slab over the rail to keep piggies from spawning? so that way the rail is traveling through a 1.5 block of space.
  13. That is what I meant. ^__^
  14. Ah,.. ok. well, on my 4k trip it took roughly 4 stacks of powered rails placing 2 about an average of every 24 blocks. Which is slightly overcompensating.. but it keeps the ride smooth, and then a few more on one hill that we had. I do not remember the full amount of rails.. but it was alot xD.
  15. So much >_o going on right now...
  16. Yeah I guess lol :p
  17. Before building a large rail system, it is pretty beneficial to make an iron farm, or just stock up on iron through a shop or some other means. Iron farms are a nice cost effective way to do it tho. That way, when its time to craft that rail you can just laugh at the iron you are wasting :p.
  18. Iron farms may be good- I was thinking of making one somewhere semi-close to my town. But unless I'm borrowing someone elses, I think the time spent getting that Iron and making the farm may be better spent building the tunnel. I don't have anyone dedicated to my town yet, so it's a bit frustrating with no one to at least talk to in the mean time.
  19. oh no doubt an iron farm is a nice time consuming bit of construction :p. But, its well worth the free iron IMO. But without other people helping you , time consumption can be costly :p.
  20. Originally I was thinking- hey I can just make this in the middle of my town, dress it up, and be okay. Than the technical details revealed it would have to be a bit isolated. Made me sad kinda.

    But yea, it's kinda just me at the moment. Got a couple inactive members atm.