Nether protal network ruined

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Deathtomb8953, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. i dont know what caused this but i suspect the lastest up date aas our nether portal networks consisting of 30 nether portals are now all messed up and making new portals every one upon use
  2. They aren't in sync anymore? D: That is a LOT of work.
  3. Same problem here. Linking between portals in the overworld->nether direction seem to work fine; however, in the nether->overworld direction, minecraft ignores overworld portals that already exist (within range) and makes a new one VERY close (3 to 4 overworld blocks) to its perfect position (nether x/z divided by 8 and floored).

    Here's my situation (x and z obfuscated by the same differences, taking into account nether scale):
    1. Overworld portal exists at: -5,52,6 (overworld, facing n/s)
    2. That portal links to existing nether portal at: -4,38,0 (nether, facing e/w) . Perfect nether portal pair would have been -1,52,0.
    3. Entering the nether portal at -4,38,0 (nether) makes a new portal on overworld at: -32,65,6 (overworld, facing e/w), or -33,65,5 (overworld, facing n/s), or a few other positions around those coordinates (each time I tore down the portal fully before seeing if it would make a new one).

    I can only guess that the algorithm no longer checks the same range of x and z values on overworld for an existing portal. Nether portals *can* link to an already existing overworld portal, but I've only seen it happen to the near-perfect overworld pairs that have been created since 1.4.5.
  4. This sounds like a real problem, I hope it get's fixed soon!