Nether Portal Services

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  1. I am starting a service to help those people who are far out in the wild and need to get back to town now and then. If you are like that than this is for you. I will build a nether portal at the beginning of the unprotected spawn in secret and build a nether passage to your chords and build a portal there. This will take much less time for you to travel and I will install rails if wished. If you would like to purchase this send me a message and the pricing will be how far out your and the cost of the obsidian unless you supply it. I will do this on any server. I will never go out to your secret base again and if you even see my name tag after i have built it just report me. Hope to hear many requests from you.
  2. Lol, you can do this for free with the live map, even if it's over rugged terrain, still more fun :D
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