Nether Portal Mechanics

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  1. Hey everyone, I need some help here. I decided some time ago to try to get to a far away location to place a locked chest in the Frontier to start an outpost on one of the servers, someone smart told me that using nether rail was the right way to go (I understood this back then that every 1 block in the Nether is 8 in the Overworld), and that the coordinates in the nether are directionally proportionate to what the Overworld coordinates will be, once a Nether portal is created.

    Ok, so this Nether portal is to take me to the calculated coordinates right? So that means if I were to go back through the portal in the Overworld, I'll go straight back to the original nether portal as long as it isn't destroyed right? Cuz I read some really weird stuff on the Minecraft Wiki that you may not spawn back where you originally intended to, and it's gotten me all confused. If I were to establish an outpost, I'd want my portals to be pretty straightforward, one way there and one way back. So if someone could help me with this, that would help out a lot, I don't want to end up 40k blocks from Town with no safe way back to the Nether. :)
  2. You seem to understand it.

    When you're linking portals, try to keep as close as possible to the exact coordinates on the other side.

    In normal use, the only time you'll usually have trouble with nether portals is when you're too close to another one of your own or someone elses.
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  3. The farthest a screwup on a nether portal can take you is 1024 I think, and thats if the only portal available on the nether side is far far away from where it should be.
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  4. Just going to toss this in. Vertical Offset DOES matter. Most of the time you can ignore it and nothing will happen. But if you use it correctly. You can put 2 nether gates, 1 on top of the other, and they will never screw up where they send you.
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  5. Ok thanks, that will probably fix things.