Nether portal fast travel ?

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  1. I know the basics of this about 1step =8 but how far can i put my nether portals apart in the overworld and does anyone have a good link to a video that explains this alot ?
  2. Here's a good video about syncing Nether portals for quick travel. :)
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  3. thanks a bunch! Farming obsidian atm to try making my portals :D!
  4. Basically every block in the nether is eight blocks in the overworld.
    For example, if you went 40 blocks in the nether and made a new portal, you would be five blocks from where you started in the overworld.
    If you went 40 blocks in the nether, and made a portal, you would be 200 blocks from where you started in the overworld.
  5. I think you mean if you went 40 blocks in the overworld and then made a portal you would be 200 blocks from where the last portal was. :)
    Btw thats a amazing GIF you got there xD
  6. No, it's an 8:1 ratio for overworld to nether.
    Also, thank you. There's a large collection of gifs on my profile if you go to it and click information.
  7. If you have any questions on nether portals, setting up rail roads or passageways in the nether, keeping them spawn safe or anything like that, let me know. Glad to help.
  8. One word of caution. Before you go and start placing portals. Make sure there are not people already established in the area. It would suck for you to try and do this, get sucked into an overworld gold farm and then have to break your way out of it.
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  9. My experience with Nether hubs is that the over world portals should be at least 16 steps away from one another to avoid portal crossing. Elevation has no effect on range. I used them a lot to get from my bases up to my mob spawners in the clouds.