Nether Mob Trap I made with WATER

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  1. Hey today I was just derping around in the nether and created a little mob trap with lava and water. It works pretty well actually, you can try to find it on live map of smp6, but for in-gamers just go east of the spawn, stay around the main flat ground, and keep running to a 3 block wide tunnel. You should find it. For those wondering how to place water in the nether, get a silk touch pickaxe and break ice, and then place an ice block in the nether. Or just buy some ice, then break it. where you break it is the source block.
  2. well, don't say i didn't warn you when it gets grieved tomorrow
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  3. Pretty cool and thanks for that I was wondering how to put water in the Nether!
  4. ice
  5. well thank you, captain obvious
  6. Umm yeah DogsRNice I already knew hense the thanks for that I was wondering how to put water in the Nether...
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  7. can u help me find it?
  8. I know i will be griefed. Thats why i shared on the forums. I hope you dont think i put lots of hard work into it. no it took me 2 min
  9. Actually you can't use silk touch.
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  10. You can't use Silk Touch to get Ice until the 1.3 update; but also in the 1.3 update- you can no longer place ice in the nether
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  11. You can place it but when it breaks it won't produce water.
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  12. I was recalling that from memory, i am sure you are right. Either way, there will not be a method of "placing " water after the next update
  13. Minus an actual water block, right?
  14. I suppose I need to be more precise with what exactly I post... lol

    (I disregarded any thoughts about that because it is irrelevant to EMC)
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  15. sure. I'm usually on smp6 or utopia. If you see me on just let me know, but i'll be on tommorrow most of the day
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  16. Yes you can, well on single player at least.
  17. You have a res on Utopia, and you're not a supporter? Huh....
  18. once you go unsopporter you keep the res(s)
  19. Silk touch+ice+new update= ice...ta da