Nether lag, please help.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by ImParanoid, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. So I have been building a double blaze ethos spawner design in the nether. I've been getting an abnormal amount of lag. Which I know the nether lags, but never this much for me. I've tried downloading the mod : Netherlag fix. But every time I go to join a game it crashes my minecraft. So I don't know if it's because I installed it wrong, or something. I have modloader/optifine currently installed. If anyone has any way to help, please reply.
  2. Maybe your'e just paranoid;)
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  3. Did you use your grinder and get tons of mobs then crashed? If yes there could be a chance that ALL the mobs is making you crash
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  4. No, i'm currently building it. So no mobs are spawning.
  5. Are all your settings set to low?
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  6. I had issues like this yesterday, too. I dropped down to 23 fps :)eek:), and i usually get 300-500fps. I just relogged, and it fixed it for good. Maybe relogging every 20 minutes or so could help.
  7. Yes all of my settings are on low, my laptop kind of sucks. Which is one of the problems.
  8. I think it is server lag. You will have to wait it out, sorry.
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  9. Did you delete META-INF while installing the mod?
  10. I would of had to delete the meta-inf to install modloader/optifine.... So yes. I did delete it.
  11. Ok, my bad.
  12. Is netherlag fix even updated?
  13. I found a download for 1.3.2. I've been messing around with it to see if I have done something wrong. But I've found no reason to why it makes mine crash.
  14. In 1.3 mojang fixed mc to be more like the way it was after installing netherlagfix. Its obsolete.

    In other words, they fixed several issues but created many more...
  15. Minecraft have added a crash folder, everytime you crash you will get a textfile in that folder. Can you check if you have it? If you do please let me know what it says, so I can tell you what the problem is
  16. Happens to me to, not sure if there's a fix but I'm pretty sure that it's because of entities around you. :)