[NETHER] Ghast spawn rate?

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  1. Hey,
    me and a friend are in the nether for half an hour and during this time, we meet around 30 ghasts, I shoot more than a stack of arrows! They spawn in groups from 1 to 4 in one time and it'sgetting annoying! They are trolling :p us by fireballing us down from bridges and so on...

    So, is this normal or has Aikar changed the spawn rate?
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  2. Aikar has made the code say that a ghast will spawn every 15 seconds.
    (He told me that)
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  3. necropost, not alot of players these days remember the madness that was ghastocolypse.
  4. I recently came across some screenshots I took one night back then:

    I think it might be fun to do something similar on purpose sometimes. Like temporarily increase the mob spawn rate on one or more of the waste servers.