Nether brick orders

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  1. Letting you know that I am starting a nether brick service (For now).. I will take orders from you and give it to you. I will take up to 10 stakcs at a time (At most).

    It will be 250r per stack. (This is the brick formation Like clay bricks. So for a stack of the actual nether bricks it is 1k)
  2. I will take a DC if you will
    This will take a long time but I will wait
  3. Ok yep ill try. if so it will be... 13.5k
  4. Ok :D Thanks allot!
  5. Im only going to do nether brick by the way. I cant do like the FULL nether brick. Just the briick form which would be only 13.5 stacks of nether brick which would make the total 3.375k
  6. Cause I dont have the time :/
  7. Ok, can I order 4 DCs then? Or just 2 if more convinient
  8. I can only do one DC of netherbriks which is 13.5 stacks of the full block. Im sorry I just dont have the time for all that and play.
  9. Maybe in the near future I might be able. Added to the fact that I only have a frotune 3 pick
  10. To mine with