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  1. What are some of your favorite shows or movies that you have watched via netflix?

    I liked:

    Die Hard
  2. Psych. 'Nuff said.
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  3. Austin Powers, Gold Members.
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  4. Trigun, Rocko's Modern Life, The Walking Dead, Rocky Horror Picture Show. I can't remember right now, our Instant Queue is full of Power Rangers thanks to the Hubs xD
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  5. Mine too Panda. And where is your Slime Team FOunder sig D: Have you given up?
  6. You should try Jericho or Survivors or heroes. I LOVE this show at the moment I am hooked on Heroes.
  7. Oh snap! I forgot, Scary Movie 4. :D
  8. The Office. How I met Your Mother, 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation and I too love Jericho ending is terrible though.
  9. OMG watch Sgt. Frog
  10. I have to agree about Psych. Also, Eureka, Bablyon V, Star Trek (TNG, DS9), Stargate (original series) hmm. And much more.
  11. star trak except the animated series
  12. That's on my list of things to watch :). Some more things I managed to see: Blackadder, Labyrinth, Bo Burnham, Brian Regan, Sling Blade, Invader Zim. Most everything I see on our Instant queue is Dr. Who, Power Rangers and Comic book stuff lol.

    The only things I've seen from this list are TNG. I like it, not so much cheese as the old series. I'm a big Spock fangirl though.
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  13. Well, and that is just the thing. I have the original Star Trek pretty much committed to memory, but completely missed ST-TNG and DS9 during their entire runs.