Nerf town chat

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  1. I an suggesting a way to clean up the chat but not make town chat impossible or fee based. Why not make it so that the user had to type /chat T before every line he wants to send to town chat, instead of the current system. That way, there is a little bit of extra work involved and this would cause payers to use local chat by default a heckof a lot more.

  2. but I'd rather talk to the whole town all day
  3. People play on EMC because of the active community....
    Chat = community. Nerfing the ability to communicate would be the dumbest idea ever.

    Just go play on a smaller server if chat is too active.
  4. There is a solution to this problem on a personal level gtabmx. You can use the /ignore <playername> command.

    That'll clean up the chat for you personally with just a few (or a few dozen; depending on your tastes) commands typed into the chat interface.

    Every player has the power to remedy this situation for themselves, as they see fit.

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  5. Ok fair enough, how about this. Can there be a special ignore command that ignores a player ONLY when he is in town chat? When xyz is near I want to hear him, else, he is ignored.

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  6. Hmmmmm, bump?

    Any takers?
  7. If a player is annoying you enough to want to ignore them in town chat then why would you want to talk to them in local? If the player is near you, and you really do want to talk to them, then you can simply un-ignore them.

    Just listen to Dark_Liz anything it says is factually correct and usually quite awesome anyway.
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