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Free or premium?

I have free! 1 vote(s) 50.0%
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  1. Neptune's pride 2 is a game by Triton with very long but fun, strategic space battles.
    The game is free.

    Post tips, tricks, and stories about your fun in the game.

    If anyone has a premium account, we can set up an EMC private game.

    Current games:
  2. Bump 2. Remember that it is a free game so it is easy to try out.
  3. There's a new version ':confused: whats changed exactly?
  4. I didn't play the first but I know the new one can be played on phone /tablet along with the computer. There are 64 player games which are fun. I think the techs changed a little too.
  5. I was going to make a new thread but that nifty little search bar led me here. Anyone playing this now?

    I just got into it and am having quite a bit of fun. I'm in 4 games and I did an all AI game to get familiar with the mechanics. I'm still very noobish when it comes to the game but I have played similar games before. Being I'm all about that jumping in head first, I bought premium.

    If jkrmnj isn't around anymore to host games I would be happy to. Even if I only get 1-2 other players we can figure out some game mode.

    It seems the game has continued to be developed and the AI is a bit better than it used to be and also being developed to be more aggressive *rubs hands together maniacally*
  6. I still play but don't have premium. If we can get enough interest, you can try starting a private game and see how it goes. I am currently into the turn based games but I enjoy either.
  7. I am doing one real time game. I was warned before I tried to do a second by people that the end game for the RT games are a bit more spastic. I am in a couple of turn based games. Still figuring it all out but I did get my first win against all AI opponents lol. My RT game is looking solid for me but not conclusive and the rest of them are up in the air, none of which I have decidedly or even maybe have lost yet. Still too early to tell. I actually opened a 6 player game to show another player how to play and they never joined it. its tb with 12 tick jumps instead of 8 and its small instead of medium. everything else is pretty standard.

    Password: angle

    Edit: also no dark start which I'm sure will be obvious as soon as you click the link
  8. Sorry, I am currently already in 2 games. I should be finishing them soonish though.
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