Neorepopolis [Outpost]

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  1. I have lots of locked chests there, I'd say all of my chests but my dirt one are locked.

    It is also looking for Citizens.

    Nearest Town is Wrem, 1k away but Wrem is inactive and has not been touched since both leaders left 2 months ago.

    Post reserved for later.
  2. Is this a government setup? How will you run the outpost? How do you plan on establishing respect in the new outpost? Rules of the outpost?

    This really isn't enough info to get started. I may think about joining.
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  3. Isn't independent, I just can't put in a claim for the whole GR and I have to make a thread to get it established.

    Local Government will be the setup, probably with Borough Councils later on.

    Rules will be all GR laws and EMC rules.
  4. wrem is now active again
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  5. So?

    If Volt can file a claim for establishment before the outpost becomes active and still get established when the outpost becomes active, so can I.
  6. Cool I am just stating it is active again so when people come on this thread they wont have mis leading information
  7. new underground under construction:D

    pics will be uploaded to main thread and kit is working on a nice rail map

    black line is cyclbank line

    red line is coopentral line

    silver line is coopee line

    brown line is bakercat line

    yellow line is north neorepopolis line


    the south is not serviced because the south will have lots of commuter rail instead.
  8. the underground has been heavily extended

    plans for lines in the far north of neorepopolis have been accepted by the ministry of infrastructure

    soon neorepopolis will have the largest underground railway in the east wild
  9. see key in posts above for lines not mentioned

    purple line is metropolicat line

    green line is districat line

    this is a big new map:D

  10. WOO!



  11. okay everyone.

    relating to the newest map of the neorepopolis underground you have probably guessed we are expanding north
  12. I must say Kitten, you've certainly learned from your past mistakes :)
  13. CrossRail One has been completed!

    This project is using the currently existing Neorepopolis-Wrem line.

    CrossRail Two will head to Catton Street and Kittel.

    CrossRail Three will be a stage of CrossRail One heading further west out into the Further Eastern Suburbs.
  14. Cooper, we are not going to extend the Coopentral down to Northern Quarries.

    I spent ages reconfiguring tunnels just to get the Bakercat inside Northern Quarries.

    The Coopee will be a LOT easier, and people can just interchange at Neorepopolis Hill.

    In compensation, I will expand the Coopentral northwest into the Northwestern Suburbs

    I am also laying tracks for lines as we speak, and the Bakercat will be delayed to the east due to a Ravine being revealed.
  15. fine you can get rid of the coopentral being in that area

    let me pull up the planned piccacoopy line map
  16. the piccacoopy will replace the north neorepopolis and go further north

    it is coloured dark blue

  17. I like the airport idea
  18. Which one?

    My planned Kittenrow, which is going to be serviced by the Underground, or Neorepopolis International which is serviced by National Rail and Monorail?
  19. I have to say
    You are getting way too close to Pazzo. The NR had a kind of agreement with Pazzo that we would stay behind a line. That no one would build beyond that line. You are planning rails very close to Pazzo. Although I cannot speak for Pazzo, I don't believe they will appreciate it much.
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  20. And you are not allowed to build with 500 blocks of a outpost, even if its not established - ask mods -
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