Neorepolis | Election of first minister and president!

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  1. Hello, I wanted to informe every citizen of NR 2/ Neorepolis that im running for First minister.
    i will make a better relationship between the other outposts/cities and i will keep everything calm and nice. I will also fix so that every citizent of NR 2 will have a place to stay and a roof to hide under when it rains. And that nobody will ever go hungry in the streets of NR 2. Vote now and get your bread and claim your plot. And i will secure you that every vote counts if you want to vote for me comment bellow: I want to suport Arveng under the election of NR 2!

    Vote now!!!!:);)
  2. Surely this doesn't need its own thread?

    The entire Frontier section will just be NR2 threads before long
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  3. hahaha you got my vote
  4. This sounds a bit like Socialism(Nothing against it.)...
    Anyway,you should have posted it in the main thread your running for First Minister.
    And,I'm First President,no elections for that.
    I'm basically,President-Until-I-Quit.