Neil deGrasse Tyson

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  1. 'Nuff said XD
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  4. New Minecast intro?
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  5. From Tyson's wikipedia page: "he was also active in dancing in styles including... ballet"

    Just sayin
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  7. I couldn't make the face :(
    But Aaron could!

    For comparison:
  8. I respect him far more than meme material.
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  9. The man is one of my idols. I've watched hours and hours of YouTube videos of his speeches. Also, I want him to speak at my graduation.
  10. Are you guys taking pictures of each other right now? lol
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  11. Also, I thought you were like a thing of legend... You left before I came to EMC. Welcome back!
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  12. I also have spent endless hours watching his YouTube videos again and again and again. Time well spent :D
  13. We don't know what your talking about.... We had these.... Yeah that's it.......
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  14. *puts away cameras*
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