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  1. I have been in my wilderness spot for almost 2 weeks now.
    Around me I have come across....
    Tunnel entrances with no door or gate and torches out side.
    Dirt buildings with doors that are standing open.
    Small empty buildings.
    Gardens with no plants in them.
    and my favorite ..nothing but a workbench, sitting alone in the wilderness.
    I have respectively left these places as I have found them.
    But I have noticed that in the 2 weeks, that these things a still there and the surrounding area is no different.
    What I am getting at is that after seeing the pictures of the great places that people have built on EMC,
    I am chomping at the bit to expand and grow my area footprint.
    But I don't want intrude on anyone.
    These places and things appear abandoned. I have not noticed any changes to these areas since I have arrived.
    All of the places I am referring to are either small dirt structures or tunnel entrances with no doors or gates.
    Can I just develop the area as I wish or is there some procedure?
  2. As long as you're not destroying something that they have clearly spent time on, I think that you're free to expand.

    A good thing to do to be sure would be to ask a staff member to TP to you so they can check out the area and see whether or not you would be griefing by destroying those structures. Right now though, the wild is for everyone so no one owns any specific area. Just don't grief and you'll be fine :)

  3. No...
    But it all seriosness alex's advice is a good start..
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  4. Okay. I will do that. Thanks
  5. It sounds like you have come across places where people have set up temporary shelters while they have mines or gathered resources. I often build small huts over mine tunnels - or when I'm out gathering trees, sand, or anything else. A small farm to keep myself in food while I'm there. When I'm done I usually leave the structures there in case anyone else can use them. I don't see any harm in you taking over these small abandoned places.

    However, it sounds like you are in an area that is pretty highly traveled. I would recommend, for your own safety, finding somewhere less visited. You will be less likely to be griefed or have unkind visitors happen upon your belongings. It is often a good idea when starting in the wild to find a group or join up with one of the outposts. More eyes can keep watch and help deter the baddies.
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  6. A lone crafting table in the wilderness is a pretty iconic image for Minecraft. Reminds you of your first one.

    I agree with melodytune, move a little deeper into the wild. I once had an outpost less than 100 blocks from reset area. I rebuilt it about 5 times before I gave up. The diving board is still suspended in air with a vine growing off it.
  7. Check around for signs and ask a mod to block check it.