Neighbors Welcome

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by warthogfox, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. haven't you always wondered about living in the wild, building a house and mining for ores and stuffs, a bit hard when you get used to living in town, even worse when you have to worry about griefers. I live in the wild and have built an entire area just for me, its a ways out of the spawners and i like it, the problem is im missing out on having neighbors, and people to trade with. so i made a bridge to another island and am looking for a neighbor to move in, i have a merchant that brings me items that i am unable to get on my own and will gladly trade with anything you have. i have scouted the new island and discovered it has an abandoned mine as well as an underground trench. lots of ores to get ahold of. if needed i do have saplings of all varieties and will give you some to get started.

    So it goes without saying that im looking for someone to move onto the island and settle there, not a floater and not a griefer. Not that i have much you can grief that i would care about, its all cobblestone.
  2. Hmm I suppose I could be your neighbor but of course it depends on a lot. If you could be more descriptive of like which server it is on that would be great! ;)
  3. its on smp 4
  4. Hey warthogfox i live in smp4 to bad u moved out of town anyway i want to be ur neighbor
    Just pm me the cords
  5. Oh what a pitty, I was hoping it would be on another serve to avoid town to wild travel! Oh well :)
  6. I would like to be your neighbor. I like living in the wilderness of other servers.
  7. Ahh here you are just what the doctor ordered a shiny new neighbor it seems :p