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  1. I have a res on SMP2 and live in a fairly inactive part of it. A player who lives behind me (who I'm guessing hasn't been on in a while) left fireworks running on their res. They've been continuously running for a couple months now I think. Every time I get close to them or even to the back edges of my res, the fireworks cause me to lag and crash. I can't identify the player because I'll crash if I get too close. I'm wondering if any staff could go over there to turn the fireworks off, or maybe delete the res if needed. I'm pretty sure the owner is derelict. I live on res 3250, and the fireworks are right behind me. Thanks for reading.
  2. Ouch. Leaving a firework timer is kick/bannable I think.
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  3. Report this to a staff member. Send it to IcecreamCow in a P.M. and he'll do something about it.
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  4. PM sr staff or admin for a guarantee they will see it :)
    You can PM the Cow Here
  5. With the annoying crashing I've been having, not a big surprise.
    Thanks. Hopefully this'll be done soon.
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  6. I bet this guy is thinking 'Lend me some sugar, I am your neighbor!' :p
    (^^^ that was a reference btw but I don't expect y'all to get it ;))
  7. It's done.
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  8. I got it.
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  9. Poor guy just wanted to constantly party. Oh, well. His loss.

  10. Lol, DFT the party pooper. Thanks, Krysyy.
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  11. YES!! :D :D :D You are amazing
    (Even if you just looked it up :p)
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