NeedsFoodBadly's Public Farm: Get yer grub on!

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  1. NeedsFoodBadly's
    Public Farm @ SMP8
    "No one needs this more than me!" -NeedsFoodBadly
    This farm was built on 22 August, 2015 and mostly finished on 23 August.
    I've been with EMC for a little over a month and I wanted to give something back to the community! I harvested most of the materials I made to build this myself and paid out of pocket for extra costs. I was in part inspired by nonames1_2's public farm (1243) on SMP1 town.
    This is a manual farm that works off the sweat of your brow. Why not automated? It may be partially automated in the future but for now an automatic farm would represent a greater investment than I can afford and would also make it a higher-value target for griefing/theft.
    This won't make you rich but if you're just starting out in EMC like I still am and you enjoy farming, you can make and harvest food for future adventures or to sell for some rupees on the side without turning your personal res into Harvest Moon.

    SMP8, Wild South "/v wild s", less than a minute south of the spawn. Cobble path begins outside of protected area. Farm/Stables are lighted and walled.

    Acreage: (not counting walls)
    Farm: 48 x 93 blocks
    Animal Stables: 33 x 93 blocks
    Future expansions planned!

    Farm Features:

    Public Use Farmhouse: Bed/Craftin/Furnace/Storage/Anvil
    Public Bulletin Boards
    Public Use Chests throughout farm/stables
    1 Zombie Grinder (locked)
    4 Wheat Fields - Yield: 64 wheat, 100 seeds (est.) x 4
    2 Carrot Fields - Yield: 166 x 2 (est.)
    2 Potato Fields - Yield: 166 x 2 (est.)
    2 Melon Fields - Yield: 90 melons x 2, 25 melon seeds x 2 (est.)
    2 Pumpkin Fields - Yield: 18 pumpkins x 2, 25 pumpkin seeds x 2 (est.)
    1 Birch Tree Farm - Yield: 150 logs, 64 birch saplings (est.)
    1 Netherwart Field - Yield: 200 (est.) Netherwarts
    1 Cactus Field - Yield: 30 cactus (leaving bottom)
    1 Sugarcane Field - Yield: 144 sugarcane (leaving bottom)
    4 Cocoa Harvesters - Yield: 215 x 4 (est.)
    1 Red/Brown Mushroom Tree Patch - Yield: 15 Red, 15 Brown (est.)d
    2 Water Wells

    Estimated Crop Value (full harvest after replanting): 2,500-2,800r

    Stables Features:
    *Stables are currently a work in progress.
    Some animals may not be fully bred at this time.

    Wool Sheep (White/Black/Red/Blue/Lime Green/Yellow)
    Milk Cows
    *Beef Cows
    Mooshroom Cows
    Egg Chickens
    *Eatin' Chickens
    *Horse/Mule Stables (for breeding/taming)
    *and more!

    The rules are simple.

    -No griefing.
    -Replant after harvesting.
    -If you break it, fix it.
    -All chests are public access, meaning give/take freely.
    -There are special rules for the stables. Pay attention to the signs. Certain pens are marked for harvesting, breeding and killing. Always leave at least two mobs in killing pens, so they can be bred to make more.
    -It should go without saying but...have to say drama/fighting.

    Future Expansions/Plans:
    Ice Patch
    Vine Field
    Flower Patches
    Stone Generator
    Open Mob Arena (natural/nighttime spawn)
    Housing Expansion

    Initial Construction Costs: (estimate)
    4 DC of dirt
    2 DC of cobblestone
    1 SC of birch planks
    Various Seeds/Plants (incidental)
    6 stacks of signs
    6 stacks of torches
    1 stack of chests
    Various incidental costs

    Farm/Build Staff:

    Comments/Suggestions/Questions/Complaints/etc. post below!
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  2. I love this!! I've been trying to do something similar on my other 2 residences to no avail. Could I build you an auto harvesting cocoa wall? It's a very simple Redstone mechanism (has to be, for me to be able to make it :p) I can supply the materials.
  3. Approved. There's currently unused space for crops/plants on the far end. I would prefer it somewhat in-line with the rest of the field/plant areas. You'll see when you get there. I assume by your fancy looking sig you know what you're doing so have at it. (p.s. your build portfolio link seems to be broken)

    If you want, you could put the cocoa farm where the fishing hole currently is, and the pond could be moved to the back or something. It's not completely necessary where it is right now.