Needing TNT Donations.

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  1. Im currently attempting to dig out my res. But knowing that itll take repairing a Unbreak IV Eff III 38 times is unreal.. so, new plan. TNT. TomCasalino has helped me with this. and we are thinking around 600 TNT will get a lot done. THUS, we need a lot of help! 600 TNT is roughly 10 stacks.. therefore costing around 45k at the least. I dnt have that money right now. This digging out of the res will result in 75-100 rooms for my hotel. So.. with my hotel rules.. the top donator gets a room three stories high. I will count any donations toward TNT towards that! So anyways, thanks in advance.
  2. Your not diamond....
    Only diamond member-owned res's can be blown up by TNT
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  3. I'm pretty sure you need to be diamond to use TNT....

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  4. That is all.
  5. Yep, you need to be a Diamond to switch the TNT flag on.
  6. That is not all
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  7. False statements my friend. Tom has already blown some up on the res. :)
  8. He is not diamond, so the TNT flag cannot be activated.....
  9. Then you must have previously turned the TNT flag on yourself.
  10. JTC... im telling you i activated the flag for TomCasalino, who is diamond. He placed and blew up the TNT, literally 15 minutes ago
  11. Really? Because it says in the man post that tomcasalino, a Diamond Supporter is helping her dig it out. Therefore, my statement is true.
  12. The way I understand it, is to have TNT flag set as true on YOUR RES you must be a diamond supporter, otherwise TNT will do nothing
  13. Bunker is not diamond....
  14. He can't turn on the TNT flag for him
  15. Guys, here how i did this.
    1. Gave Tom build to place TNT
    2. He told me to turn TNT flag on, so i did /res set TNT true
    3. after this he places the TNT, put a torch beside it, then BOOM!
  16. But the thing is, up to a certain point regular members could not switch TNT flag over.
    Must have changed at some point, presumably with the new flags.
  17. Thats what i thought