[Needing] Military Fitness Exercises.

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  1. Hello guys! I am going to be joining the Army if you didn't know. I have a strong passion for it, and feel I need to serve my country.
    I will be trying to get in the Commando's after I join, and hoping to have a crack at the SAS.
    As you may know, you need to be one of the most elite, and fitest out there to complete the SAS training.
    I'm only 15 now, and doing the AAFC (Australian Air Force Cadets), I currently play in 2 Basketball Teams, and go running quite a bit. I go to the Gym at Lunch Times at school Monday - Friday.
    But I really need some specific Military Training that will really test me.

    If you know any, please let me know Below, or Message me on the Forums or In Game. i will take anything, even if it is almost impossible for a 15 year old, so I can work up to it.

    Thanks! :D
    Appreciate it :)
  2. The AAFC will supply you with all the advanced military training you require before you go to the Defence Force Academy. Do all of the camps and everything that the AAFC offer and keep doing what you're doing. You shouldn't just be fit, you have to be mentally aware of what you're doing, so you don't mess up. So make sure you still study and get good results in school.
  3. Sounds good :) Yeah i'm still new to the AAFC, is it okay if I do the AAFC, and then apply for the Army Side?
  4. Yeah, you can do the AAFC, but when you apply for the academy, you apply to be train for the military. I'm not exactly sure how it works, but doing the AAFC doesn't force you into joining the Air Force.
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