Needing Ideas?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by blackdeath7123, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. So ive hit the horrible Builders Block and i was wondering if anyone had any ideas. im starting to do stuff underground
    any ideas will be greatly appreciated
  2. Underground villager trading
  3. maybe ill have to get some villager eggs
  4. When I get stuck I work on public builds such as looking for spawners
  5. A glorified statue of me
  6. so make a statue of a fish?
  7. I am a Fox, not some simple smelly fish xD
  8. or are you? :eek:
  9. but i do have an idea if you wish to help
  10. I have been planning on something on smp7 for a long time, after October 10th will start my large project. I can help till then, what is your plan?
  11. come to my land on smp8 and ill show you xD
  12. Nono, tell me what your going to do xD

    I am in my bed on my phone, just took my sleep medication you got like 10 minutes with me here lol
  13. its a secret ill have to tell u when i see u next
    lets just say its my biggest project yet XD it invovles a 112ft hole
  14. Well, tell me tomorrow about it. I'll be on in about 12 hours from now.