Needing Dirt!

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  1. Hey guys! I really need dirt lol.
    I will buy a DC for 100r, and a stack for 1r
    There is also donation hopper chests set up at 14191.

    Thanks a ton Guys!

    Just post below, message me in game or PM me on Forums

  2. This is the first time i've actually seen someone ASKING for dirt.... o.o
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  3. Well, you know me, as low as can be, lower then dirt in fact xD
  4. Try asking BrenJone in-game. He has several dc's. [smp8]
  5. One of the original members of the biosphere project on SMP 1 gives away free dirt in his dirt vault.
  6. Yeh I got there xD
  7. SMP8 I've got over 2 DC's worth if you need it. (Will set up access chests upon request)
  8. Thanks, that would help a lot. Can you adress the sign to MrWhosAwesome my alt as MrWhosMagic is out in wild.
  9. Done. You'll find some DCs in the courtyard of my res (16087). Just head through the front door and through the porch doors on the left, you should see them under a jungle tree in the corner.
  10. Thaanks, will get to it as soon as possiple, and I will pay you 200r