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  1. Hello, I was just wandering if anyone could get me a villager that had the unlimited diamond pickaxe trade for my res. Oviously I will pay that person. If anyone can, please reply to this thread and say how much it will cost me, thank you
  2. If someone is able to do this I would like one also :D
    Maybe a unlimited paper trade also.
  3. I kinda know a thing or two about villagers, if you can't find anyone shoot me a pm.
  4. This will not work. if you do find one that works plz om me as well.
  5. The blacksmiths are kinda hard and somewhat tedious to make infinite. IF you really want it to be infinite, you would need it to be the last trade and for that to happen one would need to be very lucky. I just go with having some random piece of diamond gear at the end and when I need to refresh a trade I trade for that item. I could do one of these, but I have pretty much 0 supplies left... If you can manage to supply everything, I can make it free of charge.
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  6. What type of supplies would you need
  7. This can actually be done a lot easier than most people think, especially with some of the custom plug-ins that EMC runs.
  8. Blacksmith villagers have 26 trades! They use emeralds for 22 of the 26 trades, the rest are: 4-5 diamonds for 1 emerald, 8-9 iron for 1 emerald, 8-9 gold for 1 emerald and 16 to 23 coal for 1 emerald. I would either keep a blacksmith that starts with the gold or diamond trade since the early trades usually only take one trade before moving on. To work with this trader you will needs tons of emeralds. The emeralds = tons of paper and a good trader. I hope this helps.
  9. Trust me, I know. I had 40+ infinite papers on my res just for the heck of it until it reset... I have many infinite villagers, and I have made many more. I know.